A useful-looking useless object
Johann Arens / Shelly Nadashi / Emily Wardill / Jennifer West
5 February - 26 February 2012
Opening Times: Saturday – Sunday 12pm – 6pm, or by appointment

Screening: Emily Wardill, Game Keepers Without Game (80mins)
Saturday 4 February, 7:30pm and Saturday 18 February, 4pm

Johann Arens, Effect Rating [film still] (2011), image courtesy the artist

Sierra Metro presents group exhibition A useful-looking useless object, with work by Johann Arens, Shelly Nadashi, Emily Wardill and Jennifer West. Through a particular emphasis upon the use of objects as vehicles, and their agency as apparatus within filmic construction, this exhibition investigates notions of film and materiality. The work of Arens, Nadashi and West will be punctuated by a screening of Emily Wardill’s Game Keepers Without Game (2009), during the preview on Saturday 4 February at 7:30pm, and again, on Saturday 18 February at 4pm.

with thanks to Lux, London / The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh / Telford College, Edinburgh / Hamish Brown / Theatre Stuff

Jennifer West, 'Heavy Metal Sharks...' courtesy the artist and Vilma Gold, London

Photography: Chris Park