Kevin McPhee

8 March – 29 March 2009
Preview Saturday 7 March from 7pm

Artist film screening

A film by Darren Aronofsky
12 March from 7pm at Brass Monkey, Drummond Street

of defeat, of sacrifice, of realisation, an awakening, A triumph through transition.
repeat repetition, repeat replicate
worship all things that are beauty, eternal, transcendental. you are everything.
A self-perpetuating mythology, fragmented. HIERARCHES!
she turned as I whispered.
wicked beauty.
and both turn into the monument. ultra
overwhelmed by the magnificence of what they had become, collapsed into one another.
O, sacred rite, pseudo structure. parted / they are in turn united. I nod in the direction of the Masters (her desire) and their associated mysticisms.
{shape {polygon {quadrilateral {rectangle {square (geometry)|square }}}}}
He said She said They said I said We said


'My practice predominantly revolves around installation, bringing together sculptural objects and wall-painted elements that overall suggest a pseudo ritualistic amalgamation of geometry, neo-romance and mysticism.

The working method is intuitive and fragmented. Sculptures manifest through the performance of making and are evocative of an acquired/appropriated/unauthentic/self generated (shared) belief. The materiality of paint is explored in a sculptural sense as well as a descriptive medium. Items are arranged in a gesture of action and due to the initial histories of the objects I select, this culminates in a setting that is at the same time concrete and intangible. '

Images courtesy the artist
Photography by Chris Park

the rise and fall of A 'n' X
mono digital print

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Kevin McPhee lives and works in Edinburgh. He was previously a committee member of Generator, Dundee. He is a recent recipient of a Creative and Professional Development award from the Scottish Arts Council.
McPhee will undertake a 6 week residency at Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus, Schwandorf, Germany, in November.

Kevin McPhee would like to thank the Scottish Arts Council and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop for their support in realising this exhibition.