Patrick Jameson

1 February - 21 February 2009
Preview 31 January from 7pm

Sierra Metro is pleased to present the work of Patrick Jameson. He will present a new installation for Sierra Metro.

When a meteor impacts with the earth, a black glass-like substance is sometimes produced inside, a crystalline form which is both natural and extra-terrestrial; the meteor is an encapsulation of that which is both material and ineffable. This installation is an exploration of the wonder inherent in material objects and, by recreating an architectural space founded on the principles of hidden crystalline truths, evocative of those aspects of the material that are outside of human understanding.

The Bjurböle Meteor fell to earth in southern Finland in 1899, and formed the centrepiece of Eliel Saarinen’s Art Nouveau pavilion for Finland at the 1900 World Exposition in Paris. Like a meteor hitting the earth in reverse, the film 'Eliel' transports the viewer upwards from the meteor and through the space of the pavilion, a space evocative of the underlying designs found in organic material. Through distortions of scale the architecture is abstracted into coruscating shapes, suggesting something more than nature or human endeavour. There is a suggestion, then, of some force that in excess of human subjectivity as we understand it, but which is also immanent to what one might understand as creative agency. This quality of excess, which has sometimes been labelled as affect or the sublime, is evoked by the sound of a distorted piano note produced by a mechanically altered piano, a sound which is produced live in the gallery but without human performer.

Patrick Jameson studied at Glasgow School of Art, completing the MFA in 2001. He has exhibited internationally, with recent exhibitions at the Ginza Art Laboratory, Tokyo, AK28, Stockholm, and Intermedia, Glasgow. He is a recent recipient of a Scottish Arts Council Creative and Professional Development bursary.

All images courtesy the artist. Photography by Patrick Jameson