Neville Rae
National Monument

11 October - 1 November 2008
Preview 10 October 7pm

Sierra Metro is pleased to announce its opening with a solo exhibition of new works by Neville Rae.

Rae will create an intriguing new suite of works that make reference to the gallery's location. Focussing on the waterfront area of Edinburgh and the major developments both established and currently underway, Rae examines the cultural gentrification through the incorporation of 'public art' into the area master plans drawn up by council and consultancy boards alike. Drawing inspiration from past and present local industry and existing site-specific sculpture, these new proposals, taken out of scale and out of place, question the language of public art; its often underlying political agenda, and the aesthetic preconceptions placed upon it. Their remove from an intended destination - which is never made clear - leaves them as strange, fictional objects who's origin and age, function and reason for existence is unknown.

Rae has recently been awarded a major commission by North Lanarkshire Council . He will create a site-specific work in Cumbernauld, whose modernist architecture and history of utopian engineering has provided a rich seam of material that provides a platform for his work. Recent exhibitions have included A Town for Tomorrow at Inverleith House and Kunstverein Düsseldorf, and Connecting Through Spaces, Galway.

'Swanfield' 2008

'Black Swan' 2008

'United Wire' 2008

'Cavorting Sailor' 2008

Installation views, Sierra Metro

All images courtesy the artist. Installation photography by Chris Park